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How to Choose a Senior Care Residence for a Loved One

Deciding a senior loved one may need daily assistance in the home can be a tough call for families, but it doesn’t need to be. Some seniors are deciding for themselves before family gets involved. The decisions are becoming easier thanks to places like Golden Bell Senior Care Residences offering four major levels of care. The first level is focused on seniors who no longer want the responsibility of the upkeep of their home. However, if you do find yourself being the decision maker, knowing what level of care your senior loved one requires is important and your decision should be fact-based, combining input from their physician with your observations in the home.


Independent Living

Downsizing is the number one choice for healthy, active seniors nowadays. Their children are grown and the home they own is much bigger than needed. They don’t have the desire or energy to keep up with the chores, and they want to devote themselves to the passions they enjoy. Many choose to move into an independent living community where there will be no mowing of lawns or concerns about housekeeping — a place where they can decide how active or independent they wish to be. The independent living level of care typically includes housekeeping and laundry service in addition to hotel-style meals 3 times a day. If assistance is required for medication the staff will provide this service as well. The opportunity to participate in as many or as few activities is your loved one’s decision. Independent living communities are full of activities, outings, shopping, and entertainment. The community often offers sports, swimming, and other popular outdoor leisure activities.


Assisted Living

If your senior loved one requires more support in performing daily activities but is still able to be fairly independent, assisted living is the next level of care. Tasks requiring assistance such as getting in or out of the tub/shower, dressing, cooking, etc., make assisted living the appropriate choice. Assisted living facilities provide the peace of mind that your senior loved one is taking necessary medications regularly and that they are being physically supported in their daily routines. These facilities also provide the opportunity to participate in activities, shopping, and entertainment, in addition to all meals. They can also provide rehabilitative services such as physical and occupational therapy to those in need, and transportation to medical appointments.


Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitative Services

The skilled nursing level of care is recommended for short-term interim patients being released from the hospital and requiring rehabilitative services to get them back on their feet. Patients requiring cardiac therapy, orthopedic rehab, daily dialysis, or rehabilitation from a stroke, all benefit from residing in a skilled nursing facility where they will receive the best care available to regain a level of independence. For those seniors who have become dependent on others to perform daily activities such as toileting, bathing, eating, and taking medications, long-term, skilled nursing provides the necessary level of care. Patients with progressive medical conditions that require 24-hour nursing services are best-served in a skilled nursing facility where there are not only extensive medical services offered but the staff works to keep your loved one engaged socially through activities, entertainment, and meals.


Respite Care

Caring for a senior loved one in your home, or, is one of the most difficult things a family member will experience. It’s o.k. to feel exhausted and even frustrated. It’s perfectly normal to want to take a break and respite care provides that opportunity. Designed for short-term care, your loved one will receive the best of care in delightful accommodations, giving you a chance to take a vacation, attend a wedding out of town, or just get a break. Assistance with grooming and dressing, all meals, and a wide variety of activities are available to your loved one. Caregivers must rejuvenate periodically and respite care provides them with a guilt-free opportunity to do so.


Golden Bell Senior Care Residences offer communities that cater to all levels of senior living providing the highest standard of care in beautiful surroundings. Call now at 877-311-1700 and allow us the privilege of working with you to provide to best possible care for your senior loved one.


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