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How Respite Care Benefits Seniors and Their Caregivers

Caregivers know that they are contributing to the overall health and safety of their loved one, and that keeps them motivated. However, they often overextend themselves by trying to do too much for their loved one and not taking enough time for themselves. That’s where respite care comes in. Seniors can live in group residences temporarily, giving caregivers a break from what can be exhausting work.

Duties of a Family Caregiver

Caregivers providing in-home care to a senior family member face a herculean task. They’ve taken on the responsibility for assisting with daily activities, which may include bathing, grooming, dressing, feeding, laundry, and toileting. Depending on the needs of their family member, caregivers may be involved with transfer and mobility, medical appointments, dispensing medication, grocery shopping and providing transportation. If dementia or Alzheimer’s is present, family caregivers’ tasks can also include bill paying, maintaining steady routines and household chores. If the caregiver has brought this family member into their home, the caregiver still needs to support their own household and the responsibilities that existed prior to becoming a caregiver. 

How Family Caregivers Feel

Providing care to a senior family member can be extremely rewarding.  Being able to spend time with their loved one builds memories that will last a lifetime. What many caregivers will not share, however, is that they are completely stressed out, as well as physically and mentally exhausted. 

Many caregivers experience aches and injury due to the physical demands of providing transfer and mobility assistance. Their emotions are heightened, and they can be easily angered or tearful. Guilt, pride, embarrassment, and stubbornness are some of the reasons caregivers don’t reach out to other family members or friends to lend a hand. Enlisting the help of others to temporarily fill in for them is one way for caregivers to consider respite care. It can be daunting to even think about asking for help. It’s important to note that the loved one being cared for can also feel guilty for being a burden, worried about their caregiver, frightened about their own health, and isolated from the outside world.

Respite Care 

Being able to depend on friends or family members to step in and provide relief to the caregiver can be difficult. Caregivers are apprehensive about delegating the responsibility for dispensing medication, preparation of food and other concerns to someone else. With everyone’s busy schedules, it is difficult to devise a routine that can be adhered to, whether it be for a few hours a day or a weekend.

Professional respite care is a valuable resource to employ for caregivers to get a much-needed break from their duties. At Golden Bell Senior Care Residences we provide five levels of senior care, and we are proud to offer respite care to benefit seniors and their caregivers.

Benefits of Respite Care

When a senior loved one spends time in respite care they are looked after in a homelike setting, and all medical and dietary concerns will be supervised. Social interaction with different people helps reduce the feeling of isolation, and time away from their loved one can lessen tensions that may arise from too much togetherness.  

Respite care allows caregivers the freedom to take time away from their caregiving duties. Embracing respite care provides caretakers the peace of mind they need to attend a wedding, enjoy a vacation, visit a spa, or spend time catching up with friends. Respite care is flexible, and caregivers can schedule the time they need to relax, refresh and be ready to provide care once again. Call us now at 877-311-1700 to learn more.

At Golden Bell Senior Living, we understand that some questions require more personalized support. If you have any queries or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us. We’re here to assist you with any individual needs and ensure you feel supported every step of the way.

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