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COVID – 19: A Time to Come Together by Being Apart

The United States has a long history of generations making sacrifices for the betterment of another generation. All of our seniors today have been called upon to make major sacrifices – from the rationing during World War II, to the drafts of Vietnam – Americans answered the call to protect current and future generations.

We now find ourselves in a new, unknown period of time; one where the younger generation is being asked to sacrifice for the health and well being of our senior population. Some of those sacrifices are more a matter of convenience – working from home and avoiding contact with others as best as possible. Other sacrifices are immediate and dramatic – a sudden loss of all income and support. Throughout this, there is the urgent need to keep apart from strangers, friends and even loved ones.

While these sacrifices are challenging, it is worth it all to protect the health and well-being of our senior population. Long before it was mandated, all Golden Bell Senior Care Centers had limited visitation to only special humanitarian circumstances. We continued to maintain the highest levels of sanitation and cleanliness, and closely followed the progress of COVID-19 and the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control.

The families and friends of our seniors are missing their loved ones, but by staying apart, they are making the best sacrifice they can for a novel virus that affects our older community the most.

When this crisis passes, as all crises do, we will come together stronger than ever with a shared sense of sacrificing for the greater good. Until then, write a letter to your loves ones and Bless Our Great Nation.

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