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Common Concerns That Seniors Have About Aging

For most people, the thought of being a senior is something that will happen to them in the distant future. Life goes on, birthdays come and go, and at a point in time that is different for everyone, the reality of being a senior is suddenly thrust upon them. Discussions with seniors reflect that all seniors seem to share common concerns about the continuation of their individual aging process. Here are four of the most common:

Declining Health 

Everyone has heard stories about the people who live active lifestyles, eat healthy, and exercise regularly who end up being struck down by stroke, heart attack, or cancer diagnosis anyway. Seniors share the anxiety of the toll aging takes on their bodies, regardless of their individual lifestyle. Being impacted by a sudden major medical incident, the cost of medication, the loss of cognitive function, loss of balance are the subjects of many sleepless nights for seniors.

Loss of Independence

Dovetailing the concerns about declining health comes the great concern about loss of independence for seniors. There comes a point in most lives where the ability to continue to live independently comes into question. Whether a part of the natural aging process or brought upon by sudden medical issues, the thought of losing the ability to drive, balance a checkbook, prepare meals, get to a doctor, or keep up the home is overwhelming for many. Seniors are also concerned about being a burden on family members.

Anxiety Over Isolation

Many seniors are very distressed over the fear of becoming isolated from family and friends as they continue to age. Spouses, significant others, family members and friends pass away, decreasing their social circle. They worry about living alone and yet are concerned about becoming a hardship for their families. Therefore, they may not speak up about this concern to their surviving family members.

Fear of Outliving Their Resources 

Even those who have invested, saved and planned for their financial security are expressly concerned about not having enough money to support them for the rest of their lives. They are very fearful of the sudden impact of a medical crisis, the effects of inflation and prescription costs. Seniors also worry that they will live longer than their financial plan projections.

At Golden Bell Senior Care Residences, we offer a variety of options for seniors to consider when facing these concerns about aging. From independent living to respite care, we are here to provide the utmost in active and independent lifestyles, as well as outstanding care for end of life. Call now at 877-311-1700 to explore options with our caring team. Don’t let your concerns about aging keep you from living your life to the fullest!


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