Golden Bell

Resident Lifestyle

We Believe

in Family

As a family-owned company, we at Golden Bell Senior Care Residences understand the importance of family. A key component of our job is to create that family atmosphere that makes our residents feel connected, cared for and part of something bigger. And isn’t that what feeling at home is all about? Our staff have a commitment to caring for our family of residents that is like no other. In fact, many members of our Golden Bell family have been with us for 10 years or more. A familiar face, a warm smile and people who truly know and appreciate our residents is the hallmark of what we do.

A Life

Well Lived

Living well means different things to different people. That’s why we customize programs to our residents needs and interests and why each day at a Golden Bell Senior Care Residence is full of possibilities. Residents can choose to expand their horizons with a myriad of activities that are new to them, or hone their skills at the things they’ve enjoyed their entire life. From gardening, exercise groups, computer classes and book clubs to happy hours, holiday celebrations and local trips, we are always working to make our residents happy. Quieter activities are always available like a stroll through the gardens or a visit with friends in the gazebo. Not only are the activities fun, they bring people together to form new friendships, new connections, new family.

The Dining


Fine dining is just another way we show love for our residents. Professionally-trained chefs lovingly prepare meals that are nutritious, delicious and presented in a beautiful way. We combine the best parts of home cooking with the best parts of dining out. What says “home” more than the aroma of a delicious Sunday dinner and the anticipation of great company and good conversation at the dinner table? Our residents families are always invited to join us in a meal to experience the “home-way-from-home” atmosphere (and the great food!) at our Residences.

I'm not from the area, but my relative was there for to weeks, she came from Broward General and she was there for two weeks. The staff was great and always followed the doctor's orders. I would send her back there again If she needed and rehab in the future.

CJ StaffordGoogle Review - Manor Pines

“I like knowing my mother is safe and content. I can enjoy my life knowing she is enjoying hers.”

Barbara HarriganDaughter of Independence Hall Resident