COVID-19 Outbreak – Important Information for our Residents, Family Members and Team Members:

The safety of our communities remains our top priority. We continue maintaining safety protocols to help protect residents, visitors and our heroic team.

 The safety and well-being of everyone in the Golden Bell Senior Living Community remains our top priority.  We want residents to feel safe as they enjoy a lifestyle filled with new experiences, people and possibilities right outside their doors.

At the very start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Golden Bell communities started immediately by putting protocols in place. The administration escalated safety protocols in all communities. We are committed to making sure our protocols continue to meet or exceed guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Department of Health / CMS.

The CDC and CMS continue to recommend a variety of steps that we are implementing to help reduce the possibility of the virus entering our facilities. Please check with each facility before visiting as our protocols will be reflective of what is most needed to protect our residents. As you may know, people may carry the virus without any symptoms. We are posting signs at our doorways to update visitors on the status. We continue to actively screen individuals, including vendors, team members and family members/visitors who must come into the building. When these guidelines change – we follow them.

We understand that connecting with loved ones is incredibly important so please consider other options to connect and stay in touch such as telephone calls, social media, video calls, email and text when appropriate. If your loved one has challenges in receiving this type of communications, please contact the facility to get assistance from our dedicated team. If you believe a visit is necessary, please also contact the facility administration.

We are strong supporters of vaccination and have taken all measurers to vaccinate our residents and encourage and offer vaccinations to our staff. We also regularly test our staff and residents to monitor and stay ahead of the virus. We ask that anyone within and visiting our facilities wear masks for protection.

For our residents, we continue to encourage and assist with hand-washing, hygiene and other prevention exercises to decrease any chances of contact with COVID-19. This includes avoiding handshakes and hugs. We offer handwashing and alcohol based hand sanitizer throughout the facilities.

The Golden Bell Senior Care team are working hard on the front lines of this pandemic and have never let up. We are committed to offering around the clock care to our residents, pandemic or not.

For more information on the CDC and CMS Guidelines, visit: